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Zach Cordell

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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A Unique Philosophy

When most people think of becoming healthy they turn to punishing themselves at the gym or starving themselves at the table. My belief is that we should be able to enjoy our food and our health. I aim to mix our faith with our behaviors so that we can understand the science of nutrition in a new lens.


I believe that when you are ready to make changes you should be confident in your choices for health and that is where I come in. To offer the education and encouragement that you can achieve your goals.  For lasting changes to occur you have to enjoy what is it you do.


I look forward to helping you determine your definition of health and giving you the skills to reach those goals.

Public Speaking

Looking for an engaging health professional to speak at your next event? Zach is able to educate, edify and inspire audiences through laughter and participation. Participants will evaluate their barriers to change and be able to navigate the ever-changing world of media-hyped nutrition.

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“He has a

friendly demeanor

and a sense of humor

but still takes the content seriously”

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