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Achieve Your Goals

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    This book reveals how we can use the Creation experience to help us reach our individuals goal. In learning how to dream, apply, follow through, and create our future, we are learning to become more like our Creator.

While this book focuses on health changes these principles can be applied to any changes you wish to make in your life.

    What lessons about behavior change can be learned from the ultimate creation. In 6 days, the world and all that was in it was created. On the 7th day, God rested.

    Learn why setting appropriate goals is crucial to success, and why you should be proud of who you are and what you’ve done.

    Be sure to check it out on Amazon!

Public Speaking

    Looking for an engaging health professional to speak at your next event? Zach is able to educate, edify and inspire audiences through laughter and participation. Participants will evaluate their barriers to change and be able to navigate the ever-changing world of media-hyped nutrition.


    Available for keynote, seminars, workshops, breakout sessions and panel discussions.

    Check out Zach's Speaker One Sheet for common topics. Tailored presentations can be requested for your event.

Professional organizations



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    This diet devotional  reveals how we scriptural principles and reflection can help us to ponder what health really means. With engaging points such as, "Was Christ Skinny" readers are engaged, edified and empowered.


    Similar to Michael Pollen's "Food Rules" this simple read has clear, concise points with lasting power.

    Learn how faith based principles can have health based applications in "40 Days: A Diet Devotional"

    Be sure to check it out on Amazon!

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